What is Lego Serious Play?

Lego Serious Play

Lego Serious Play is a methodology where participants use Lego bricks to build models that represent their ideas and concepts

Lego Serious Play is an innovative, experimental process designed to enhance innovation and business performance. This method is based on the belief that everyone can contribute to the discussion, the decisions, and the outcome. The use of Lego bricks simply enables you to take a playful approach, which in turn leads to deeper learning, better communication, and more innovative ideas in a business setting.

Primarily, Lego Serious Play invites participants to express their thoughts and ideas in the form of Lego constructions, creating a bridge between the abstract and the concrete. This methodology encourages participants to reason metaphorically, fostering a deeper understanding of the topics discussed. Whether you're tackling complex business issues or working towards enhancing team dynamics, Lego Serious Play facilitates a deeper, more meaningful form of conversation and collaboration.

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How does the Lego Serious Play method work?


The Lego Serious Play method involves participants using Lego bricks to build a physical representation of their thoughts and ideas. This tactile process stimulates the brain and aids in the expression of complex ideas through visual and metaphorical thinking. The method’s facilitator then guides the group through sharing and discussing each model, allowing every voice to be heard and fostering a shared understanding among all participants.

Why should you use the Lego Serious Play method?


Using the Lego Serious Play method can greatly improve your team's creativity and problem-solving abilities. This method is particularly effective for complex problem-solving, fostering an inclusive culture, and handling topics where multiple viewpoints are present. Additionally, it can be an impactful tool to enhance team alignment and understanding by making abstract ideas concrete and tangible.

When should you use the Lego Serious Play method?


The Lego Serious Play method is ideal for use in sessions where team alignment, innovation, and strategic planning are the main focus. It's highly beneficial in settings where multiple solutions are viable, and you need to foster creative and critical thinking from all participants. Typical scenarios include team-building events, problem-solving sessions, and strategic planning meetings.

How do you use Lego Serious Play method?


To use the Lego Serious Play method, start by defining a clear question or challenge for the group. Participants then build their own Lego models in response to this question. Each participant explains their model to the group, offering insights into their own thoughts and viewpoints. This process not only aids in understanding the perspectives of others but can also uncover innovative solutions to complex issues.

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