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Facilitation certificate for the Facilitator Masterclass training course

"Great experience, highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn more or improve their knowledge around structuring and running workshops. The course is full of exercises combined with additional reading material - so you can practice what you learn immediately."

Frauke 🇨🇦
User Experience Designer

"When I found the course I immediately felt it was the right thing to do! In addition, Daniel and René were always approachable from the beginning - even when it came to thinking in advance about what exactly I wanted to get out of the course. They always prepared the sessions super and conducted them well!"

Sophie 🇩🇪
Senior User Researcher

"A course that teaches a modern take on facilitation that leaves you with a lot of ideas and inspiration to improve your own facilitation skills in the long run rather than trying to sell you the complete package and overwhelm you with content."

Nils Becker 🇩🇪
Software Engineer

"It's a new way to do classes and if you are really interested to go digital – go do it!"

Sara 🇩🇪
Team Lead

"René and Daniel will take you on an engaging learning journey to explore the topic of facilitation."

Lisa 🇸🇪
Digital Marketing & Communication Manager

"I was somewhat skeptical about how the remote training would work. But the course, which was prepared excellently, exceeded my expectations. The course resources were also really helpful for the implementation of what we have learned."

Ute 🇩🇪
Division Manager

"Another highlight from the masterclass, is that we had so many people from all over the world, different countries, different cultures, different backgrounds, and then having the opportunity to learn from and with everyone. This made the whole experience is super rich."

Andrea 🇺🇸
Project Manager

"The course was really valuable because a wide variety of methods were presented and actively implemented"

Carolin 🇩🇪
Product Manager

"Daniel and Rene were great instructors and the materials have really helped improve my skills and confidence in facilitation. Spreading the lessons over weeks with a combination of live and recorded sessions really helped me understand and absorb the materials, and fit the training into my working week."

Kathrin 🇬🇧
Senior Business Analyst

"I missed the spring cohort, not being able to make it, and embraced the opportunity to join the last September cohort. I learned a lot of hands on facilitation practice and already put it all to successful use. So I am very happy to have participated and absolutely recommend this class!"

Karin 🇩🇪
Team Coach

"I really loved this course, the quality of the lessons was really high and I learned a lot just watching René and Daniel facilitate the class itself"

Julian 🇨🇭
Customer Insights & Data Analyst

"I often have many ideas to improve my workflow and communication, but unfortunately it is difficult for me to structure them and present and implement them. The training helped me a lot with this."

Anna 🇩🇪
Head of Technical Innovation

"René and Daniel are both awesome! They are hugely engaging and their energy makes it very easy to be on a journey with them"

Carrie 🇮🇪
Organisational Support

"I liked the course very much. It was entertaining, diverse, and well-structured. The online approach was especially noteworthy. I really liked the fact that everyone was practically involved in the different activities."

Anke 🇩🇪
Product Development

"I found the course very rich. The content, the adopted tools, and the availability of the material used are a great resource for my personal future activities."

Viviane 🇧🇷
Associate Professor

"The course was unbelievable good prepared. It was was detailed, but at the same it felt light.This really helps to just focus on what you want to learn"

David 🇩🇪
IT Consultant

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