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No one really likes meetings.

They cut our day into small pieces and keep us from focusing on our priorities. And far too often, do they end up miles away from their desired outcome.

But think about it this way: For many of us meeting and collaborating with colleagues is our job. After all, we are not paid to bake bread or to repair bikes. We show up at work to understand, discuss, ideate, prioritise, decide and plan.

But rarely can we do those things in isolation.

It's an essential part of our work. Yet, many of us despite meetings and group sessions.

We come to believe, that this problem is rooted in today's working culture. The increase of pace and pressure at the workplace leaves little room for good preparation, guidance and deep work.

We end-up to collaborate more, but with less quality. At a cost of everyone's concentration, productivity and wellbeing.

Under the hood, this has always been happening. But the pandemic and advancements in technology have accelerated this problem to new heights. Now we feel trapped in a digital, always-on workplace, where collaboration feels disconnected, draining and difficult.

The Facilitator School is a response to this challenge. A place, where people like you can learn to be a great Facilitator. Not that old-school whiteboard guy in a large suite, but someone who can lead inspiring, inclusive and engaging digital collaboration with confidence.

By becoming a Facilitator, you can build your own skillset to transform teamwork from being exhausting and boring to something productive, compelling and even energising. As a result, you can accelerate your own career by creating positive change for the people around you.

Our mission is create the best place on the internet, where anyone can learn to be a Facilitator. To start, download our Facilitation Guide. In this booklet, we provide a quick overview of the topic and our facilitation philosophy.

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