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About us

What is Facilitator School?

Facilitator School is a platform for resources and training to help you run better meetings and guide groups to results. Every template, blog post and lesson is designed to help professionals lead the way in a distributed world.

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What is Facilitation?

A facilitator sets the stage for effective group work and helps a team to collaborate and work towards a common goal. The term “facilis” means easy in latin. Facilitators make it easier for groups to share, learn, ideate, reflect, plan and solve complex issues.

Why learn Facilitation?

In a distributed world collaboration is essential. Yet most collaboration is average, leading to overload and fatigue. The ability to actively shape collaboration is a skill of the future. Professionals who can design and confidently guide group sessions in a distributed world are what we call the modern Facilitator.

The fast track to learning facilitation

The Facilitator Masterclass is a 6-week cohort-based course for full-time professionals who want to guide distributed teams to results.

From workshop design to maximizing engagement, get the complete visual toolkit and facilitation skillset to confidently set up and run online group sessions with lasting impact.

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