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Learn how to facilitate amazing meetings and workshops.

Facilitator Masterclass is a unique six-week online experience to  learn impactful facilitation skills that elevate team work, collaboration and innovation. Taking place live, with participants from around the globe.

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It's time to fix our broken meeting culture


of employees spend up to one-third of their workweek in meetings



of meetings are considered unproductive


Considering these two numbers, it's hard to escape the truth: something's off with how we run our meetings. Far too often, meetings are characterized by:

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    Endless discussions
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    Forced or rushed decisions
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    Dominat speakers
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    Poor time management
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    No buy-in
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    Lack of engagement

But it doesn't have to be this way. Done correctly, meetings can be a breeding ground for ideas, cooperation, team development, and innovation. All that is needed, is someone that knows how to do it properly. And that magical component is facilitation.

"There is no better way to have a fundamental impact on an organization than by changing the way it does meetings" - Patrick Lencioni

How facilitation can help to improve your meetings

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Save valuable time

Cut down meeting durations by using techniques to guide discussions and keep groups focused. Or bundle multiple topics into one large workshop. Helping everyone to achieve more in less time.

Increase engagement

Encourage diverse participation right from the start and get everyone involved in the session. Even those who often stay silent, but who might even have the best ideas on the table.

Handle difficult situations

Bridge the awkward silence, mediate disagreements and build an environment where all voices are respected, heard, and conflicts lead to insights rather than a verbal boxing match.

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Create better decisions

Tap into the wisdom of the group to and build consensus towards smart decisions that everyone supports. At the same time encourage  critical thinking, active listening and open communication.

... And you can create a sustainable impact on a team's development, communication and work culture.

The fast, effective (and fun) way to build  your facilitation skills

Facilitation course for individuals
Facilitation course for teams

Earn a certificate

Upon course completion, you'll earn a certification that validates your new skills and knowledge in facilitation. This adds credibility to your role and can often be a stepping stone for your career.

Building blocks

Learn by doing

In comparison to other courses, we give you the chance to practice with interactive use cases and exercises. That way, you can build confidence and can more easily put learning into practice.

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Connect with others

Learning something new alone is thought. In all of our courses, you will be surrounded with like-minded, highly motivated people that make learning easier and more fun.


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