Learn to run amazing online meetings, workshops at your work

Facilitator Masterclass is a 6-week cohort-based program that teaches you everything you need to run engaging and productive meetings and workshops.

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Does this sound familiar?

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    You find yourself in meetings that feel like they are going nowhere
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    Meeting participants are disengaged and have trouble contributing
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    Your calendar is full of meetings and workshops, that could be better
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    You want to be a better leader for meetings, but don't know how

Great meetings & workshops don't need to be difficult

Facilitator Masterclass is a 6-week cohort-based facilitation course, that teaches you the foundational facilitation skills to lead engaging and productive meetings and workshops. By the end of this course, you will be able to:

Effectively apply facilitation methods and techniques
Improve group decision-making processes
Increase engagement from all participants
Run meetings/workshops on digital whiteboards
Design workshops for ANY challenge
Cultivate creativity, trust and wellbeing of a group
Deal with difficult situations and people

How is the course structured?

We've designed this facilitation course to fit the tight schedules of busy, full-time professionals. At the start of each week, you will receive 3-4 video lessons that you can watch in your own time. Then once per week, we are going to have a 2-hour live online class, where we are doing hands-on exercises and discussions to sharpen your facilitation skills.

Week 1
The first week is dedicated to starting the course off on the right foot. You will understand the facilitation ingredients and get a toolkit of exercises that you’re going to be able to pull from. From energizers to facilitating action, this week is about moving from discussion and presenting, towards collaboration and engaging with each other.
Week 2
The second week is about how to structure a workshop and set it up for success. You’ll learn a fundamental framework that you can use to structure any session. We’ll work in small groups on workshop case studies that vary from regenerative agriculture in Guatemala to product strategy in Healthcare. Through creating your own sessions with guidance and feedback you’re gonna shift from meetings by default to meetings by design.
Week 3
In the third week, you’ll facilitate and get feedback from the trainers and your peers. You’ll learn how to open well, how to transition from one exercise to the other, and how to close on a high. Together we’ll discover how to feel and manage the energy of the room and how to get people engaged.
Week 4
The fourth week is dedicated to you. In order to bring out the best in groups we need to bring out the best in ourselves. The best facilitators are those that bring their true self to the table. We’ll leave behind the idea of charisma, shift into how we are and let our unique sides shine. This week is about doubling down on us and our honest facilitation style.
Week 5
The fifth week is about dealing with difficult situations. Whenever people come together there’s a chance for tricky situations to happen like awkward silence, dominant speakers, or over-discussion. We’ll learn why discomfort is what we need in a world of easy conversations and how to use it on purpose. We’ll explore how to hold a group accountable for their progress through a blend of authority and generosity.
Week 6
The sixth week is focused on your learning transfer. There will be different rounds of discussions on topics that apply most to your work environment such as effective preparation, working with Miro, inclusive facilitation, and psychological safety. We’ll reflect on the course, dissect the learnings and come out of the course with your personal facilitation toolkit.

Do you want to learn more about the Facilitator Masterclass curriculum in detail? Then feel free to book a course demo with us, so we can give you the full walkthrough.


What do you get from participating?

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16+ Video Lessons

Learn facilitation concepts and techniques at your own pace and revisit them whenever you need to

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6 Live Sessions

Practice and sharpen your facilitation skills together in a safe and supportive environment in the weekly live sessions

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Community Access

Get access to our private community, where you can ask questions, access resources and discuss the course material

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Digital Templates

Use our pixel-perfect templates for digital, hybrid and in-person meetings and workshops to save yourself hours of time and trouble

Dates & Times

What does the schedule look like?

To accommodate multiple time zones, we offer two time slots for the live sessions on Thursdays. One for Asia/Pacific/Europe at 9:30 AM CET and one for Americas/Europe at 5 PM CET. All other content will be ready for you to explore and work through at your own schedule on our community platform.


What are Alumni saying about the course?

The Facilitator Masterclass has people joining from all corners of the globe. If you're wondering about their experience with the course, take a look below to see what they're saying. You can also browse our our Wall of Love.

Facilitation certificate for the Facilitator Masterclass training course

What does it cost?

We believe anyone should have the opportunity to learn facilitation. That's why we offer the Facilitator Masterclass with transparent pricing that is accessible, and affordable.

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Take part in the public cohort and learn how to facilitate highly engaging and productive meetings and workshops

What's included:
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    6-week Public Cohort
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    21+ Video Lessons
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    6 Live Workshops
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    3 months membership
    The membership gives you access to our community, events and all resources
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Get the most out of this course. After the cohort we start with individual coaching sessions for transfer, feedback and advice on your projects.

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    3x 1:1 coaching sessions
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    12 months membership
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If you would like to participate but truly cannot afford it, you can consider applying for our scholarship program.


Who should participate?

The course is designed for full-time professionals who work directly with people and want to take part in driving better ways of working. Here is how to know if the course is a great fit for you:

This course is for you if ...

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    You want to actively contribute to collaboration
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    You want to grow personally and professionally
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    You are relatively new to facilitation
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    You are curious about digital-first workshops

This course is not for you if ...

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    You are a Master Facilitator yourself
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    You are not interested in virtual facilitation
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    You don't like to learn in groups
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    You like to lean back and not participate

Possible roles include

Team Leads, Project Managers, Juniors, Educators, Innovators, Coaches, Creatives etc...

Questions and Answers

Course Questions

Who is this facilitation course training for?
This course is primarily designed for full-time professionals, that are leading group work and are working within an organization, company or non-profit. That could as a team leader, project manager, agile coach, consultant or any other role that is related to group or team collaboration.
How much knowledge and experience do I need to take this course?
If you have no previous facilitation experience, this course is the the perfect starting point for you. Throughout the course, you learn the fundamental facilitation skills and get actionable tools and templates.
If you are already more experienced, this course offers a great opportunity for you to deepen your skills and add new tools and techniques to your skillset. If you are unsure if the course is right for you, feel free to schedule a course demo with us.  
What is the time commitment and schedule for this course?
The time commitment for this course is around 2-3 hours per week for six weeks. The video lessons make it very flexible, because you can fit them around your schedule. The only fixed part are the 2-hour weekly live sessions, that are hosted hosted on Thursdays from 5PM - 7PM CET.
What if I am not able to attend a live session? Will it be recorded?
Yes, all live sessions will be recorded and uploaded to the community platform. That way, you can always look back and rewatch a session. But we highly recommend that you try to attend all of the live sessions.
Will I still have access to this course, after the six weeks?
Yes, you will still have access to the video lessons, full curriculum, and community even after the course for the time of your membership. After your membership runs out, you can choose to extend it.
What is a cohort-based training course?
A cohort-based training course is a type of training, in which a group of participants (cohort) progress through the material together. In comparison to other trainings, this creates a more supportive learning environment where participants can also learn from each other.
What tools are used in this course?
The course and the community are hosted on our central community platform, that is accessible through your Facilitator School account. The live sessions are hosted in Zoom, and during the course we will work a lot with Miro.
What type of certificate will you get for this course?
At the end of the course, you will get a beautiful certificate of completion, that you can share with your network and easily add to your CV on LinkedIn or any other platform.
Do you offer a scholarship program?
Yes, we do offer a scholarship program if you truly can't afford the tuition.
Can I get an invoice for the Facilitator Masterclass?
Yes, we can generate an invoice for you or your company. Just let us know during the enrollment and we'll send it over.
Is it possible to book this training as an in-house training?
Yes, we also offer the Facilitator Masterclass as an in-house training. The in-house training can be on your own schedule and we can also tailer to curriculum slightly to fit better to your needs. The best way to learn more about that, is to contact us through the contact form.

Facilitation Questions

What is facilitation?
The time commitment for this course is around 2-3 hours per week for six weeks. The video lessons make it very flexible, because you can fit them around your schedule. The only fixed part are the 2-hour weekly live sessions, that are hosted hosted on Thursdays from 5PM - 7PM CET.
What are the benefits of being able to facilitate?
  • Lead and manage a group more effectively
  • Encourage creativity and collaboration within a group
  • Improve group decision-making processes
  • Avoid/Resolve conflicts and difficult situations
  • Be a better communicator and leader in general
What are the key facilitation skills?
  • Creating collaborative and safe working environment
  • Being aware of the group dynamics and individual needs
  • Communicating with clarity and purpose
  • Being able to improvise and adapt
What makes a good facilitator?
A good facilitator can lead a group through any task, challenge or discussions while keeping the group on track and focused. At the same time, the facilitator can boost the groups ability to make good decision, be more creative and communicate with each other more effectively.
What can being a facilitator do for my career?
Learning and practicing to be good facilitator, has a great return on invest in the long run. It helps you to develop new skills and knowledge around leadership, communication and innovation. All of these skills are highly valued in the todays workforce and can give you competitive edge and easily lead you to your next career step.
In what situations can I use facilitation?
As a facilitator, you can use your skills and knowledge in many situations. You can act as a facilitator for internal team meetings and workshops. You can use facilitation to collaborate with clients and stakeholders. You can make trainings and events more interactive with facilitation techniques and methods. The list goes on and on!
What do facilitation trainings normally cost?
If you do your own research, you will be surprised to see that facilitation trainings can quickly cost more than 2000$ per Person. There are no official numbers here, but we have the feeling that facilitation trainings are more expensive than your average leadership training.

If you still have questions, there are two things you can do. You can contact us through the contact form, or schedule a course demo so we can discuss your questions in more detail.


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We believe anyone should have the opportunity to learn facilitation. That's why we offer the Facilitator Masterclass with transparent pricing that is accessible, and affordable.

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