We don't need to gather more, we need to gather better.

Traditional meetings at work are exhausting, time-consuming and unproductive. This comes at the high cost of wellbeing, productivity and creativity. That said, people are in high demand that can flip the switch from what we work on, to how we get there. These people set the stage to collaborate wisely. They delight and challenge their teams and peers. They improve collaboration, participation, and results.

In this Masterclass we will dive into how we gather and why it matters. Together we'll understand the roots of todays challenges and equip you to unleash the full potential of any group setting.

René & Daniel


This Masterclass is for anyone who wants to

Deliver engaging meetings and workshops in a virtual environment

Confidently facilitate their teams to solve problems and seize opportunities

Shape and host meaningful gatherings that empower all people in the room

Become known in their organisation and network as the Miro expert

Drive their career by empowering others to step up and generate better outcomes

Create an environment that cultivates trust, collaboration and wellbeing


What is this programme about?

In this course you will learn how you can fundamentally improve the productivity, creativity and well-being of teams as a facilitator. At the end of this course, you will have a method toolbox, a proven facilitation system and the ability to actively support group processes. In person and in a digital environment. You will be able to organise workshops yourself, bring about positive change in your workplace and become an important link in your organisation.


The Facilitator Masterclass gives you

Video Lessons

Pre-recorded videos to equip you for facilitation

Live Workshops

Apply learnings through your own practical projects


Network with other participants and support each other

Digital Toolbox

A toolbox and templates to help you set up great meetings easily

Capstone Project

The Capstone Project is the goal of the Masterclass. It’s a short digital workshop that you will run using the skills, tools and theory you learned.

„My capstone project was a lot of fun. We achieved great results in a short time. The feedback was very positive – from all colleagues. From young and older."

Aleksandra Dokic
Project Engineer at Dr. Babor GmbH & Co. KG

How is the programme structured?

Every module starts with a set of video lessons and is followed by a live workshop to turn the theory into practice. One module per week. Over the course of 4 weeks you'll be guided to shape, run and deliver your personal workshop.

1. Discover your inner Facilitator
Why should you step into being a Facilitator? Module 1 has your answer.

We're living in a world where teams thrive based on their ability to navigate through constantly evolving environments. A time of complexity, inefficiency, and death by meeting. This opens unprecedented opportunity for facilitators to raise the quality of collaboration.

Together we'll zoom out and understand the root of what is causing todays challenges and how you can step in to help overcome the resistance that holds teams back.
2. Set Up Your Facilitation System
Distributed work isn’t temporary. In fact, it’s just in its infancy.

Module 2 introduces you to the composition that you can use to setup, organise and run digital working sessions. You will get access to the Facilitator School Toolbox and end the week equipped to facilitate online.

In the live session of this module we will ideate your topic, set the objectives and go step by step from a blank paper to your online workshop board.
3. Train Your Facilitator Superpowers
Make your gatherings feel as smooth as butter.

Module 3 gives you the facilitation and hosting skills to deal with a group both online and offline. You'll learn a simple method to give great instructions, facilitating everyone's participation, synthesizing contents and managing the energy of the group.

As a facilitator you'll know how to leverage the gathering to create trust and connection.
4. Facilitate with Impact
Time to take your learnings to the working environment.

In Module 4 you will hold your workshop and follow up with all stakeholders. Afterwards we'll come together with all participants to reflect and learn from our experience.

The module forms the closing of the course but also opens a dialogue for meaningful gathering and team empowerment.

Student Testimonial


Why is the programme interesting right now?

We find ourselves in a time of constant change and complex issues. Every organisation is faced with major challenges that can no longer be solved by individual experts alone. As a result, the type and quality of cooperation is becoming increasingly important.

But good cooperation is anything but easy. Teams are often under great time pressure and must achieve more with fewer resources. At the same time, the diversity of perspectives, skills and opinions available in the workplace are increasing, leading to more conflicts.

This makes facilitation, the art of actively accompanying group processes, a core competence for the modern workplace. It creates effective cooperation, supports meaningful group discussions and enables teams to make the right decisions.


Who is the programme intended for?

The course is designed for full-time professionals who work directly with people and want to actively shape the future. There is no need for professional speaking skills or years of training. The Facilitator Masterclass aims to give you the ability to facilitate and teach you what is needed to bring about positive change.

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    Project Managers & Team Leads
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    Innovation Managers & Agile Practitioners
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    Creatives & Designers
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    Coaches & Consultants

"Due to the good preparation in the workshop, I was very confident in moderating the capstone project. I am looking forward to everything what is yet to come."

Junior Quality Manager at Dr. Babor GmbH & Co. KG

Plans & Tuition

Next cohort starts March 15th, 2021. (Enrolment begins 1st ofMarch)

Personal PLAN
Are you a freelancer, coach, consultant or simply coming on your own?
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    4-module curriculum with live workshops
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    16+ recorded video lessons
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    20 hand-crafted tool templates
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    Become a Miro Pro
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    Capstone Project
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    Q&A sessions
Company Plan
2250€ p.p.
Do you want to do this course as company training? Either for you, or employees?
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    Everything from Personal
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    1:1 coaching and support
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    Group deals available

Many companies will reimburse a training like this as part of professional development. (Ask your HR about it) We can also help you in the process to reimburse the tuition. Just send us a message at support@facilitator.school and we will get back to you quickly.


Questions and Answers

What is this course about?
This course will help you develop your facilitation skills and change the way you think about meetings at work. It will give you the tools to create effective meetings and workshops for your colleagues, so you can create momentum for your team and yourself. By the end of the course, you will have a proven system for facilitation, a digital toolbox to set up workshops easily, templates to communicate with stakeholders, experience of having run your own workshop and a community of like minded people to get support for your further practice.
Is this course right for me?
There are no direct prerequisites for participation in the course. The course is designed to start from scratch and together we build an understanding of roles and an effective system for facilitation. The only important thing is that you need to keep track of the video lessons and attend the live workshops, as this is the core of the course.
What distinguishes this course from other facilitation trainings?
Most trainings often take place in one or two consecutive days. This forces the participant to soak up all the theory like a sponge. Shortly afterwards, you are left to your own devices when it comes to the transmission work. This course is fundamentally different because it is part-time and aims to support the transference work through social circles, coaching, accountability and your own capstone project. You will not only build knowledge, but also self-confidence through first successes.
How much time should I expect to spend?
You can expect to spend 2-4 hours per week. Unlike other courses, this course is part-time. Therefore, the course adapts to your agenda and not the other way around. The time commitment may increase if you want to put more work into the practice. We know from experience that the learning effect is greater when you try to apply the theory you have learned directly in your work environment.
How is this course taught?
The video lessons are pre-recorded, tangible and in small chunks so that you can visit them on your own pace. We package the lessons in such a way that you can derive clear insights and actions. The live workshops always take place in a smaller group setting to promote direct exchange between participants and create an open, personal learning environment. This way, people learn from each other and can help each other with challenges. In the workshops we put a lot of emphasis on a practical reference and a "learn by doing" mentality.

Who is teaching this class?

René Nauheimer

René is a facilitator from Crisp Studio and your host in this masterclass. He facilitates sprints, workshops and brings teams together.


Daniel Wirtz

Daniel is CEO of Crisp Studio. He advises our clients on strategy, organisational challenges and digital tools.


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