Facilitator Masterclass

Learn the skills, tools and frameworks you need to design and lead engaging and productive online collaboration in just six weeks.

September 5, 2022

Small group

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Live Classes

Learn together with other peers in weekly live online classes

Digital-first learning

Running 100% online and designed for a digital-first learning experience


Share your new qualification with your network and employer


Why is this course exciting for you?

Today, we are collaborating more than ever. But the way we meet and collaborate today feels exhausting, time consuming and unproductive. And this comes at a cost of wellbeing, productivity and creativity. That said, people are in high demand who can shape and impact how teams work for the better.

By the end of this course you will be able to confidently set up and run engaging online group sessions with lasting impact. From co-creation to group learning, you'll know how to design sessions for your groups needs, deal with tricky situations, and leave people inspired. Both online and in-person.


What are Alumni saying about the course?

We have people from all over the place joining the Facilitator Masterclass. Listen in to what they are saying about their course experience.

Lynn 🇳🇱
International Educator
Data Analyst
Sara 🇩🇪
Team Lead

"A course that teaches a modern take on facilitation that leaves you with a lot of ideas and inspiration to improve your own facilitation skills in the long run rather than trying to sell you the complete package and overwhelm you with content."

Nils Becker 🇩🇪
Software Engineer

"It's a new way to do classes and if you are really interested to go digital – go do it!"

Sara 🇩🇪
Team Lead

"René and Daniel will take you on an engaging 4-week journey to explore the topic of facilitation."

Lisa 🇸🇪
Digital Marketing & Communication Manager

"Due to the good preparation in the live workshops, I was very confident in moderating the capstone project. I am looking forward to everything what is yet to come."

Sarah 🇩🇪
Junior Quality Manager

"I really loved this course, the quality of the lessons was really high and I learned a lot just watching René and Daniel facilitate the class itself"

Julian 🇨🇭
Customer Insights & Data Analyst

"My capstone project was a lot of fun. We achieved great results in a short time. The feedback was very positive – from all colleagues. From young and older."

Aleksandra 🇩🇪
Project Engineer

"René and Daniel are both awesome! They are hugely engaging and their energy makes it very easy to be on a journey with them"

Carrie 🇮🇪
Organisational Support

What can you learn in this course?

Deliver engaging meetings and workshops in a virtual environment

Confidently facilitate problem solving, decision making and ideation sessions

Shape and host meaningful gatherings that empower all people in the room

How to work efficiently with Miro (Digital Whiteboard Software)

How to accelerate your own career by driving teams productivity (And have fun at the same time)

Create an environment that cultivates trust, collaboration and wellbeing


What do you get from participating?

17 Video lessons

Learn the fundamentals at your own pace and revisit whenever you need

4 Live Workshops

Learn together with other participants in interactive weekly workshops


Engage and network with passionate participants and learn from each other

Digital Templates

Essential templates to help you quickly set up and run meetings and workshops

Capstone Project

The Capstone Project is the goal of the Masterclass. It’s a short digital workshop that you will run in your work environment using the skills, tools and theory you learned


How is the course structured?

Each week consists of on-demand video lessons and one live workshop. The material and resources are gradually building up to the capstone project.

Week 1: Onboarding Week
The Onboarding week is dedicated to start the course off on the right foot. We will meet in a kick-off event to welcome you to the course and connect you with other participants. In the same week we will also have an individual call to talk about your work context and check the technical setup for the live workshops.
Week 2: Discover your inner Facilitator
What strength can you play when guiding a group? In Module 1 we'll discover that answer.

We'll learn the characteristics of good facilitation and explore the 8 archetypes that a facilitator can have.

Live Workshop: Instead of faking charisma, we'll double down on our natural gifts and tap into our honest facilitation style.
Week 3: Set up your Facilitation System
Distributed work isn’t temporary. In fact, it’s just in its infancy.

In this module we’ll learn the framework and tools to design and run workshops that work every time. And we’re going to explore how digital whiteboards can help us to give everyone a voice.

Live Workshop: Go from scratch to your workshop design. Leave with a prepared digital whiteboard and your key activities.
Week 4: Train your Facilitator Superpowers
Make your gatherings feel as smooth as butter.

Module 3 gives you the facilitation and hosting skills to deal with a group both online and offline. You'll learn a simple method to give great instructions, facilitating everyone's participation, synthesising contents and managing the energy of the group.

Live Workshop: Sharpen your facilitation skills with a small peer group, get feedback and leave prepared for your capstone project.
Week 5: Capstone Week
In this week we will take a break from the course contents and every participant will run their own small workshop in their work environment. You will be the facilitator and run your capstone workshop with your colleagues at work. Along the course we will gradually build up to this workshop and prepare you to take the theory into practice.
Week 6: Facilitate with Impact
Time to take your learnings to the working environment.

In Module 4 you will hold your workshop and follow up with all stakeholders. In the video lessons we’ll cover how to facilitate sustainable impact and why discomfort is what we need in a world of easy conversations.

Live Workshop: In this workshop, you’ll reflect on your capstone project and differentiate between short-term and long-term impact in working with groups.

Do you want to learn more about the course structure and the learning objectives? Then book a call with René for 1:1 walkthrough.

Book a free course demo with René

Get a detailed view into course curriculum, learning milestones and our course philosophy.

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Who should participate?

The course is designed for full-time professionals who work directly with people and want to take part in driving better ways of working. Here is how to know if the course is a great fit for you:

This course is for you if ...

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    You want to actively contribute to collaboration
  • check_circle
    You want to grow personally and professionally
  • check_circle
    You are relatively new to facilitation
  • check_circle
    You are curious about digital-first workshops

This course is not for you if ...

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    You are a master facilitator yourself
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    You like to lean back and let others work
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    You don't like to learn in groups
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    Don't like working with digital tools

Possible roles include

Team Leads, Project Managers, Juniors, Educators, Innovators, Coaches, Creatives etc...

What does it cost?

If you are interested in enrolling in the course, sign up for the waitlist and we'll notify you when our doors open again so that you can claim your spot. If you're interested for your staff, request a call and we get back to you in a timely manner.

Company Plan
2250€ p.p.
Participate as a company
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    Join with a small group (2-4 people)
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    Individual support
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Participate on your own
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    6-week curriculum with live workshops
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    16+ recorded video lessons
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    12+ hand-crafted templates
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    Become a Miro Pro
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    Capstone Project
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    Q&A sessions
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Min. 8 Participants

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Many companies will reimburse a training like this as part of professional development. You can find a template in our course package to set this process in motion.

We don't think money should be the reason someone can't join the Facilitator Masterclass. If you would like to join a cohort but truly cannot afford it, we encourage you to apply for our scholarship program.


Questions and Answers

What is this course about?
This course will help you develop your facilitation skills and change the way you think about meetings at work. It will give you the tools to create effective meetings and workshops for your colleagues, so you can create momentum for your team and yourself. By the end of the course, you will have a proven system for facilitation, a digital toolbox to set up workshops easily, templates to communicate with stakeholders, experience of having run your own workshop and a community of like minded people to get support for your further practice.
Why is the programme interesting right now?
This course will help you develop your facilitation skills and change the way you think about meetings at work. It will give you the tools to create effective meetings and workshops for your colleagues, so you can create momentum for your team and yourself. By the end of the course, you will have a proven system for facilitation, a digital toolbox to set up workshops easily, templates to communicate with stakeholders, experience of having run your own workshop and a community of like minded people to get support for your further practice.
Is this course right for me?
There are no direct prerequisites for participation in the course. The course is designed to start from scratch and together we build an understanding of roles and an effective system for facilitation. The only important thing is that you need to keep track of the video lessons and attend the live workshops, as this is the core of the course.
What distinguishes this course from other facilitation trainings?
Most trainings often take place in one or two consecutive days. This forces the participant to soak up all the theory like a sponge. Shortly afterwards, you are left to your own devices when it comes to the transmission work. This course is fundamentally different because it is part-time and aims to support the transference work through social circles, coaching, accountability and your own capstone project. You will not only build knowledge, but also self-confidence through first successes.
How much time should I expect to spend?
You can expect to spend 2-4 hours per week. Unlike other courses, this course is part-time. Therefore, the course adapts to your agenda and not the other way around. The time commitment may increase if you want to put more work into the practice. We know from experience that the learning effect is greater when you try to apply the theory you have learned directly in your work environment.
How is this course taught?
The video lessons are pre-recorded, tangible and in small chunks so that you can visit them on your own pace. We package the lessons in such a way that you can derive clear insights and actions. The live workshops always take place in a smaller group setting to promote direct exchange between participants and create an open, personal learning environment. This way, people learn from each other and can help each other with challenges. In the workshops we put a lot of emphasis on a practical reference and a "learn by doing" mentality.

Who is teaching this course?

René and Daniel co-founded Crisp Studio prior to the Facilitator School. Over the past five years they have gained hands-on experience facilitating workshops with up to 80 people for companies and the public sector.

Through a passion for digital collaboration their focus turned on making life easier for distributed teams. On the course platform you will see both in action when teaching different modules in pre-recorded videos and when coming together in the live workshops.

René Nauheimer

René is a Facilitator of Workshops and Digital Learning.

He will receive you in the onboarding week, guide you through the programme and individually check in with you to coach and apply the learnings to your work.

Along with the live workshops, he will share with you his learnings as a workshop facilitator.


Daniel Wirtz

Daniel is a Designer and Developer.

He's part of Miro's SDK Advisor board, actively develops Miro plugins and designs Miro templates.
Further, he's the first to explore new collaboration tools and make the most useful ones accessible to you.

In the Facilitator Masterclass, he will help you on the visual board to set up simple, clean and aesthetic workshops quickly.


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