What is Gamestorming?


Gamestorming is a set of practices for facilitating meetings and workshops in a more engaging, collaborative, and creative way, often through the use of games.

Gamestorming is a dynamic and interactive approach designed to foster creativity and collaboration within groups, particularly during meetings and workshops. By incorporating elements of play and innovation, Gamestorming turns conventional meetings into energetic environments where participants can explore complex problems in creative ways.

The methodology facilitates a deeper engagement from team members by leveraging games that evoke critical thinking and generate solutions. It's a tool not just for facilitators, but for anyone looking to break away from traditional structured meeting formats and engage in more meaningful and productive dialogue.

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How does gamestorming work?


Gamestorming works by integrating thought-provoking games into meeting agendas to spark creativity and teamwork. It typically involves three stages: opening, exploring, and closing. In the opening, games are used to define the problem and generate ideas. In the exploring phase, these ideas are expanded and explored further. Finally, in the closing, the group synthesizes the insights and decides on action steps. This framework encourages dynamic participation and makes the process engaging and effective.

Why should you use gamestorming?


Using gamestorming in your meetings or workshops is beneficial because it transforms passive gatherings into active, engaging sessions. It stimulates collaborative thinking and problem-solving, which can lead to more innovative outcomes than traditional meeting approaches. Additionally, it helps to align team members around common goals through interactive and fun activities, building stronger team bonds and enhancing communication.

When should you use gamestorming?


Gamestorming is particularly useful when you need to tackle complex problems, generate fresh ideas, or when a team is stuck in a rut. It's ideal for brainstorming, strategic planning, team alignment, or any scenario where innovative, collaborative input is needed. It can be employed in regular meetings, workshops, or special sessions designed to address specific challenges.

How can you use gamestorming?


To effectively use gamestorming, start by selecting appropriate games that match the goal of your session. Prepare in advance by setting clear objectives and familiarizing yourself with the rules of the games. During the session, facilitate actively to keep the group focused and engaged. Ensure that all participants are involved, and guide them through the idea generation and decision-making processes. Summarize the outcomes and plan follow-up actions to implement the ideas generated.

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