What are Crazy Eights?

Crazy 8

Crazy 8 is a brainstorming technique where participants sketch eight quick ideas in eight minutes to encourage rapid ideation.

Crazy 8 is an ideation method used to generate multiple visual ideas for the same concept: each participant visualizes or describes eight ideas on eight fields in one minute each. Under time pressure, many ideas are developed with a lot of creativity, without limiting the thinking process.

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Crazy 8

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the Crazy 8 for brainstorming?


The Crazy 8 technique offers several advantages for brainstorming sessions.

  1. First, it promotes rapid idea generation, allowing participants to quickly explore multiple concepts which can lead to innovative outcomes.
  2. It also encourages participation from all team members, which can enhance the collaborative environment.

On the downside, the fast pace might overlook deeper analysis of ideas, leading to potentially underdeveloped solutions.

How do you use Crazy 8?


To use the Crazy 8 method, start by gathering your team around a large piece of paper. Each participant draws eight sections on their paper. Set a timer for eight minutes, and challenge everyone to sketch eight different ideas, one in each section of the paper. This rapid sketching session helps to spur creativity and generate a diverse set of ideas.

Why should you use the Crazy 8 technique?


Using the Crazy 8 technique in your meetings can greatly enhance the brainstorming process. It allows for a broad range of ideas to be expressed quickly, which can be essential in breaking through creative blocks and fostering an inclusive environment where all participants feel empowered to contribute their thoughts.

When should you use Crazy 8?


Crazy 8 is best used during brainstorming sessions when you need a large volume of ideas within a short time frame. It's particularly effective in the early stages of a project, where the goal is to generate wide-ranging ideas without immediate constraints on feasibility or practicality.