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Workshopper Master is an online course that teaches participants how to design, run, and sell workshops across various contexts and challenges. The curriculum is built on AJ&Smart's experience as a product studio, primarily running Design Sprints for clients across the globe.

The course is self-paced, offering 8 hours of high-quality video content, alongside access to a community of other course students. This structure ensures flexible learning schedules and the opportunity for peer interaction. It covers foundational including AJ&Smart's specialized 'master workshop recipes'.

Participants gain skills in creating and leading workshops that foster innovation and effective problem-solving. The program's emphasis on selling workshops and career development in facilitation makes it interesting for professionals seeking to enhance their skills or carve out a new career path in facilitation.


While browsing the landing page, you might wonder "What does Workshopper Master cost?". Based on our most recent information, Workshopper Master currently costs 6000€, which makes it the most expensive course on our list.

Unfortunately, the course provider doesn't offer a direct answer to that question on the website but instead forces interested learners into a sales funnel that leads them down to a discovery call before any prices are revealed. It's also necessary to provide a phone number to go through the steps.

To save yourself time, we recommend you reach out to Workshopper directly to inquire about most recent pricing of their course.

Who is it for?

Workshopper Master is designed for individuals who want to earn a living with facilitation and are aspiring to enter the field of facilitation. It is suitable for professionals (e.g. business managers, HR professionals, designers) who want to go freelance, or already established freelancers who want to transition to facilitation as a business path.

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