Meetings that rock

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Meetings That Rock ESSENTIALS is an intermediate-level, self-paced online course designed to upgrade facilitation competencies. The course spans 12-15 hours, focusing on the art and science of facilitation, teaching meeting tools and techniques.

Learners will gain confidence in applying these techniques appropriately and understanding the why and how behind facilitation best practices. This interactive course offers tools, templates, resources, and case studies, equipping learners with everything needed to host engaging, productive meetings.

The curriculum is divided into four main parts, each dedicated to a core aspect of facilitation: getting everyone talking, focused, generating ideas, and achieving action and results. With its comprehensive approach, the course prepares leaders to become competent facilitators, capable of navigating and enhancing meetings in any setting.


The price for enrolling in Meetings That Rock ESSENTIALS is 299.00.

For those looking for more advanced learning, the Gold Academy subscription, available at 149.95 per month, includes this course among 14 others, offering a more extensive learning pathway.

Who is it for?

This course is tailored for experienced team leaders aiming to elevate their organization's performance, individuals passionate about diversity and inclusion, and those on the path to becoming professional facilitators.