Facilitation Signature Bootcamp

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Discover a solid, unique personal brand, based on your strengths and skillset over this comprehensive 4-week bootcamp. Each week is dedicated to different aspects of building and refining your facilitator identity, focusing on crafting your signature workshop and confidently conveying your services.

By the end, you'll walk away with a clearer understanding of your unique value proposition, a defined personal brand, and a toolbox to pitch and promote your services effectively. The course blends live workshops with personal reflection, ensuring a personalized and impactful learning experience.


The course offers three tiers, starting from €1,450 for the Basic Tier, which includes live courses and weekly Q&A sessions. The Deep Dive Tier, at €1,750, offers additional personalized coaching, and the Full Immersion Tier, priced at €2,350, offers the most comprehensive support, including 1-1 coaching sessions to refine your pitch and brand.

For those seeking financial flexibility, installment payments may be available upon request, ensuring that everyone interested can access this transformative experience.

Who is it for?

This bootcamp is ideal for facilitators who find it challenging to define their niche or struggle to communicate their value effectively. If you're looking to gain clarity on your facilitation style and how to confidently pitch your services, this experience is tailored for you.