Virtual Facilitation Masterclass

A course by
Said Saddouk
Said Saddouk


The Virtual Facilitation Masterclass is tailored to empower facilitators with the necessary tools and strategies to enhance their online sessions. It focuses on mastering key technology platforms such as Zoom, OBS Studio, and Stream Deck to reduce friction and allow facilitators to concentrate fully on the delivery of their content. Participants will learn how to maintain audience engagement, ensuring their sessions are not just meetings but memorable virtual events.

The course is limited to eight participants per batch, creating an intimate, interactive learning environment. Designed with both beginners and intermediate facilitators in mind, the course aims to provide hands-on experience. Attendees will leave with practical skills and confidence in their ability to facilitate engaging online sessions.

An assortment of bonus materials is included, enhancing the learning experience. This includes access to Stream Deck and OBS graphics packs, aimed at branding and visual presentation of virtual sessions. A truly comprehensive course, it covers everything from controlling the session environment to engaging the audience with interactive techniques.


The course is priced at 449€, which includes access to five weekly 2-hour live Zoom calls, recordings of all sessions, and bonus materials such as the Stream Deck Graphics Pack and OBS Overlay & Graphics Pack. This provides comprehensive value for those looking to seriously upgrade their virtual facilitation skills.

Who is it for?

The Virtual Facilitation Masterclass is ideal for aspiring facilitators, online trainers, virtual event hosts, presenters, speakers, and professionals looking to lead more engaging and interactive online workshops, trainings, and meetings.