Liberating Structures Studio

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Liberating Structures Studio offers a deep dive into the world of group facilitation through a 6-week cohort-based course. The course is designed to teach participants various liberating structures facilitation methods that promise to enhance relationships, build trust, and surface otherwise untapped ideas both online and in real life. The approach is participatory, offering hands-on experience and fostering lively participation across any group size.

The curriculum includes practical applications of over a dozen liberating structures, sharing first-hand field stories from different sectors to illustrate the methods' efficacy. Participants can expect to engage in fully participatory sessions, working in virtual breakout groups among pairs and other configurations. This learner-centric model emphasizes practical learning and collaborative work, providing ample opportunity for practice and capacity building. The course's virtual setting allows participants from diverse locations to join, enhancing the richness of the learning experience.

At the end of the course, participants will emerge with a stronger sense of courage and capability for introducing small, incremental changes into their work or life using liberating structures. The goal is to empower learners to replace traditional, controlling, and constraining methods with those that include and unleash everyone's potential.


The course fee is €599.00 + €119.80 UK VAT.

Who is it for?

This course is suitable for individuals with some hosting and facilitation experience looking to expand their toolkit, those suffering from 'bad meeting' fatigue wishing to create more engaging and participatory meeting environments, and anyone eager to learn by doing within a community of like-minded individuals.