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Interaction Associates' Essential Facilitation training provides a complete framework for guiding groups toward achieving business objectives while fostering understanding and agreement. The training employs The Interaction Method, a research-based strategy, for effective consensus building among group members with diverse opinions.

Participants learn facilitation techniques applicable to high-stakes meetings, aiming to guide groups with varying backgrounds to successful outcomes. The course emphasizes improving performance across result-oriented operations, enhancing work processes, and building stronger interpersonal relationships.

Those who participate in the Essential Facilitation® workshops equip themselves with the tools necessary for fostering a collaborative culture within their organization. By adopting The Interaction Method™, participants can expect reduced wasted time, shared responsibilities, and more productive meetings.


The pricing details for the Essential Facilitation training are structured to accommodate various learning modes including live, in-classroom settings, virtual instructor-led training, or a custom blend of both. Specific pricing information can be obtained by contacting Interaction Associates directly.

Financial options such as group discounts or special rates for non-profit organizations may be available upon inquiry.

Who is it for?

This course is ideal for managers, project leaders, and HR professionals seeking to enhance their facilitation skills in both in-person and online settings, ensuring effective meeting outcomes and a cooperative organizational culture.

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