Online Facilitation Lab

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Training for Change
Training for Change


The Online Facilitation Lab offers a comprehensive program aimed at enhancing online facilitation skills within social justice movements. By blending the traditional experiential pedagogy of Training for Change (TFC) with the unique advantages of virtual platforms, the program seeks to create more creative, inclusive, and powerful online spaces.

Participants will explore a variety of tools and techniques to improve collaboration, engagement, and learning in online environments. The curriculum is designed to follow the learning curve of social justice organizations, providing workshops, tools, and direct movement support to those leading groups online.

The program offers six unique public workshops throughout the year, covering topics such as interactive webinar facilitation, inclusive meeting strategies, and handling online challenges effectively. These workshops are sliding scale or free and are available in English with some offerings in Spanish.


Pricing for the Online Facilitation Lab's workshops is based on a unique pay-what-is-fair fee structure, making it accessible to a wide audience. Workshops are designed to be financially inclusive to support social justice movement builders of varying means.

Who is it for?

This course is suitable for individuals and organizations involved in social justice movements seeking to enhance their online facilitation skills. It caters to those looking to deepen collaboration, engagement, and learning in virtual platforms.