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Technology of Participation
Technology of Participation


Explore the landscape of facilitation and learn three key processes for activating group participation in a virtual environment, in this acclaimed flagship course now modified for online learning. Participants gain insights into facilitating meaningful online conversations, managing dominant voices in discussions, and keeping groups motivated.

The course is structured around four modules: Landscape of Facilitation, Focused Conversation, Consensus Workshop, and Action Planning. Each module builds upon the participants' ability to confidently move a group from conflict or confusion to consensus and commitment.

Participants will receive hands-on experience with a variety of virtual tools, including chat, participant, and breakout features on Zoom. The course ensures that by the end, attendees will have the confidence to apply new skills immediately to enhance group dynamics and outcomes.

Google Slides and Zoom are employed as training tools throughout the course, fostering an interactive learning environment.


The course is priced at $1250. Tiered pricing options are available to accommodate different budgets and financial needs.

Who is it for?

This course is ideal for managers, supervisors, educators, health practitioners, project and team leaders, facilitators, trainers, consultants, and anyone involved in leading meetings or collaborating with groups.

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