How to Lead a Working Group

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How to Lead a Working Group is a great introduction to business facilitation, offering effective techniques for energizing working groups. Participants will learn to navigate facilitation challenges, mastering skills to efficiently organize and steer collaborative workshops. Through practical examples and exercises, the course promises a hands-on approach to unleashing group creativity, making it an essential resource for enhancing facilitation abilities.

The training stands out for its direct application of knowledge, with learners immediately applying techniques in their professional settings. Testimonials highlight the program's practicality and the instructor’s expertise.


The pricing currently is €79,99 but there are frequent discounts on Udemy that bring the price down to as low as €20. This information might also change depending on what country you are visiting the course page from.

Who is it for?

This training is for anyone who is looking for an affordable introduction to the art of facilitation by a well-spoken trainer.