Leadership Through Facilitation

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Leadership Through Facilitation offers a comprehensive journey over 7 weeks and 6 modules, aimed at enhancing facilitators' abilities to lead with confidence and manage people effectively. Participants will explore their inner power, master human dynamics, and learn to guide groups toward a shared vision under pressure.

The course is delivered through live sessions, focusing on self-awareness, leadership in facilitation, and managing group dynamics with ease. It's not just about acquiring skills but transforming as a leader. Practical exercises, interaction, and feedback are integral, ensuring that learners can apply these insights into their practice in real time.

Emphasizing a tool-agnostic approach, the program encourages participants to leverage their existing skills for maximum impact. Expert facilitators from around the globe share their knowledge, offering a unique blend of perspectives and techniques. This is a chance to learn, grow, and connect with like-minded professionals, all dedicated to enhancing their facilitation and leadership skills.


The course offers several tiers, starting from €1,980 for the Basic Tier, which includes live course sessions, weekly Q&A, and 1-1 coaching. A Deep Dive tier is available for €2,330, providing additional resources and support. For the most immersive experience, the Full Immersion tier costs €2,780, offering extensive interaction and personalized guidance.

Financial options such as early bird discounts and a purchasing power-adjusted fee are available for participants from countries with weaker currencies, ensuring accessibility.

Who is it for?

This course is ideal for facilitators aiming to strengthen their leadership presence, enhance participant engagement, and manage group dynamics more effectively. It is especially beneficial for those seeking to find their inner power and lead with authenticity in any group setting.