Virtual Facilitator Training

A course by
Jan Keck
Jan Keck


The Certified Virtual Facilitator Training by Jan Keck is geared towards empowering facilitators, trainers, and course creators to lead engaging and impactful online sessions. This course focuses on overcoming the common challenges of virtual engagement, such as participant fatigue, lack of interactivity, and the daunting task of creating meaningful experiences online.

The training is structured around the E.P.I.C.* Virtual Learning Experiences, which encompass Engagement, Purpose, Inclusion, and Community—four key elements that drive the creation of captivating online environments.

Participants learn through a combination of interactive sessions, practical applications, and discussions, enabling them to apply what they've learned immediately. By weaving together theory and practice, this course provides a robust framework for nurturing online communities, enhancing participant involvement, and designing workshops that are both educational and enjoyable.

Furthermore, this course offers insights into utilizing various online tools and platforms to facilitate seamless and dynamic sessions. From mastering Zoom's hidden features to exploring new software like, facilitators are equipped with the skills to choose and use the most appropriate technologies for their sessions. The training emphasizes the importance of psychological safety, inclusion, and building trust online, ensuring that all participants feel valued and heard.


The course includes 5 live workshops, 2 group coaching sessions (Office Hours), and access to recordings and slide PDFs. Participants also receive additional materials like Zoom Cheat Sheets. Financial investment details are provided upon inquiry, with testimonials indicating high value received. Financial options such as payment plans or scholarships are not explicitly mentioned.

Who is it for?

The Virtual Facilitator Training is designed for individuals involved in creating participatory learning experiences for groups. Ideal for facilitators, trainers, coaches, consultants, cohort-based course creators, and event & experience designers seeking to transfer the magic of in-person events to the digital realm and wanting to engage a global audience effectively.