Meeting Parking Lot

handle off-topic questions, topics and discussions

Meeting Parking Lot

What is a Meeting Parking Lot?

A meeting parking lot is a space for off-topic questions, comments, and discussions that don't fit the current meeting's agenda. It can also be used to note down topics for future meetings if there isn't time to cover them in the current meeting.


How does a Meeting Parking Lot work?

Step 1: Introduce

At the start of the session, explain the idea of the meeting parking lot to the meeting or workshop participants. Highlight that using the parking lot is to the benefit of the whole group because it helps everyone to stay focused.

Invite the group to also be aware of questions, comments, or discussions that might be placed on the parking lot because they don't fit to the current meeting's agenda.

Step 2: Keep it visible

Keep the meeting parking lot visible and reachable for all participants. It should be easy to quickly add items to it and to come back to them if needed.

Step 3: Wrap it up

As the session comes to a close, check if there is time to address the points and questions on the parking lot with the whole group. If not, discuss with the group when and how these points will be addressed.


What is a good example for a Meeting Parking Lot?

Imagine, that you are working inside a non-profit and are having a meeting to discuss the final details to launch a campaign to gather new donations. In this meeting, it is important to focus on open questions that need to be answered before the campaign can go live. But since it's the start of the project, everyone has a lot of other things on their mind to discuss.

This is a great use case for a meeting parking lot because it helps the group to stick to the meeting agenda, while at the same time being able to note down other important questions and topics that can be addressed later.

Below, you can see an example of what such a meeting parking lot could look like at the end of the session.


Who invented a Meeting Parking Lot?


Meeting Parking Lot Template Download

Meeting Parking Lot Miro Template

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  3. Click on the Duplicate button in the info card to add the template into your own account.
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Meeting Parking Lot Mural Template

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  2. In the new tab click on Create mural from template to create a new Mural board with the template in your account

Tip: You can also click "Save for later" to save the template into your account and use it in the future.

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Meeting Parking Lot PDF Template

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Questions & Answers

How can I edit the Meeting Parking Lot template?
Duplicate either the Miro or Mural Meeting Parking Lot template. All you need for that is a free account on one of the platforms. From there you can fully edit and adapt the template content and colors to your own needs.
Can I share the Meeting Parking Lot template with others?
Yes, absolutly! Feel free to share this template with your team, colleagues or organisation. The best way to do this, is to send them a direct link to the template.
Is it possible to print the Meeting Parking Lot template?
Yes, you can print the Meeting Parking Lot template. To do so, simply download the PDF version of this template. The PDF version is in A4 format, vector-based and can be printed in high-quality on large size. The best paper size for printing is A1, because it's still portable but gives you enough space to work on.
Do I need a payed Miro or MURAL account to use the Meeting Parking Lot template?
No, a payed Miro or Mural account won't be necessary to use this template, because you can always use the free plan for both tools. Or if you exceed the limits of the free plan, you can always download this template as a PDF.
What is the license for this template?
This template is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0. In short that means, you are free to download, copy and share the template. But while doing so, you must give appropriate credit and provide a link to the Meeting Parking Lot template website.