Priority Pyramid

make decisions on the most important things to work on

Priority Pyramid

What is a Priority Pyramid?

The priority pyramid is a visual prioritization method that helps to make decisions on the most important things to work on. Through limited space the group is guided to filter tasks and agree on priorities.


How does a Priority Pyramid work?

Step 1 : Sorting Out

Sort out all voted post-its and place them on the pyramid canvas.

Tip: Make sure that you didn't vote on duplicates or that some voted items aren't  much the same

Step 2: Visualisation

Place the top voted post-it on the top of the pyramid. Add different layers below according to their number of votes. If post-its have the same number of votes they stay on the same level next to each other.

Tip: Ask if the group agrees to that problem being the most important one to solve

What is a good example for a Priority Pyramid?

A good example of the Priority Pyramid is to use it as part of a planning meeting. The group can use the three areas of the pyramid to organise all project options and come to a consensus on the priority.

Below, you see an example of what such a priority pyramid could look like at the end. As you can see, this provides a clear visualisation of all options that the group could focus on in different levels of importance.


Who invented a Priority Pyramid?


Priority Pyramid Template Download

Priority Pyramid Miro Template

  1. Click the button below, to open the Priority Pyramid Miro Template
  2. In Miro click on the name of the board in the upper-left corner, to see the board info card
  3. Click on the Duplicate button in the info card to add the template into your own account.
Get Miro Template
Screenshot explaining how to duplicate a Miro template

Priority Pyramid Mural Template

  1. Click the button below, to open the Priority Pyramid Mural Template
  2. In the new tab click on Create mural from template to create a new Mural board with the template in your account

Tip: You can also click "Save for later" to save the template into your account and use it in the future.

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Screenshot explaining how to duplicate a Mural template

Priority Pyramid PDF Template

To download the Priority Pyramid PDF Template, simply click the button below.

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Questions & Answers

How can I edit the Priority Pyramid template?
Duplicate either the Miro or Mural Priority Pyramid template. All you need for that is a free account on one of the platforms. From there you can fully edit and adapt the template content and colors to your own needs.
Can I share the Priority Pyramid template with others?
Yes, absolutly! Feel free to share this template with your team, colleagues or organisation. The best way to do this, is to send them a direct link to the template.
Is it possible to print the Priority Pyramid template?
Yes, you can print the Priority Pyramid template. To do so, simply download the PDF version of this template. The PDF version is in A4 format, vector-based and can be printed in high-quality on large size. The best paper size for printing is A1, because it's still portable but gives you enough space to work on.
Do I need a payed Miro or MURAL account to use the Priority Pyramid template?
No, a payed Miro or Mural account won't be necessary to use this template, because you can always use the free plan for both tools. Or if you exceed the limits of the free plan, you can always download this template as a PDF.
What is the license for this template?
This template is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0. In short that means, you are free to download, copy and share the template. But while doing so, you must give appropriate credit and provide a link to the Priority Pyramid template website.