What Is a Raci Matrix?

RACI matrix

A RACI matrix is chart that outlines who is Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed for each task in a project

A RACI matrix is a project management tool used to clarify roles and responsibilities for each task, milestone, or decision in a project. RACI stands for:

  • Responsible: The person or people who perform the task or activity.
  • Accountable: The person who is ultimately answerable for the correct and thorough completion of the task.
  • Consulted: The person or people who provide input based on their expertise and whose opinions are sought.
  • Informed: The person or people who need to be kept updated on progress and outcomes, but are not directly involved in the task.

It is a practical tool that helps in organizing tasks and responsibilities, thereby improving project coordination and efficiency.

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What are the roles in a RACI matrix?


In a RACI matrix, there are four primary roles: Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed. Each role has specific duties and expectations to ensure clear communication and efficient project execution.

How do you create a RACI matrix?


To create a RACI matrix, start by listing all the tasks involved in a project and all the project stakeholders. Assign each task a specific role (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed) for each stakeholder to clarify their duties and expectations.

Why should you use a RACI matrix?


Using a RACI matrix helps clarify the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in a project, ensuring that everyone knows what they are expected to do. It reduces confusion and overlaps in responsibilities, making project management more efficient.

When should you use a RACI matrix?


A RACI matrix should be used at the planning stage of a project to define team roles and responsibilities. It is particularly useful for complex projects with multiple stakeholders to avoid role confusion and ensure everyone is on the same page.