What does the E.L.M.O acronym mean?


E.L.M.O stands for "Enough, let's move on" and is a technique that can be used to cut unnecessary discussions and to move to the next topic.

E.L.M.O, which stands for "Enough, let's move on," is a practical facilitation technique designed to efficiently manage time and discussions during meetings. By invoking E.L.M.O, team members signal that a discussion has reached its productive limit, and it's time to shift focus. This helps in keeping meetings concise and on track, avoiding lengthy deliberations that might not be fruitful.

The use of E.L.M.O can significantly enhance meeting effectiveness. It empowers participants to call attention to discussions that are no longer yielding value, promoting a culture of respect for everyone's time and contributions. When team members can openly request to move on from a topic, it facilitates a dynamic and responsive meeting environment. This tool is particularly useful in workshops and brainstorming sessions where time is a precious commodity, ensuring that every minute is spent productively.

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Why should you E.L.M.O. in meetings?


Incorporating E.L.M.O into your meetings serves a crucial purpose: it streamlines discussions and avoids the pitfall of unnecessary digressions. By using E.L.M.O, participants can keep meetings focused and productive, ensuring that the agenda is adhered to and objectives are met. This technique is especially valuable in maintaining momentum in brainstorming sessions or workshops, where discussions can easily veer off course.

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