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Character Mix & Match Icebreaker for Miro

A good icebreaker at the start of a virtual meeting or workshop in Miro can help to release tension in the group. Especially if the members of the group don't know each other yet. One way to release this tension is to do something fun and creative with the group.

For this, we like to use what we call the Character Mix & Match icebreaker, where participants create their own character from a library of character components (Head, Body, Facial Hair, Accessories, and Eye Wear).

The benefit of this icebreaker is, that it's intuitive and easy to explain. So everyone can get started quickly. Furthermore, participants learn the basics of duplicating widgets, arranging widgets and working with layers in Miro. Therefore, this icebreaker is even better if you are working with first time users.

Where can I find the Icebreaker?

You can find the Icebreaker in the Miroverse or open it directly with the link below. Once you open it, follow the instructions to duplicate the board to your own account.

You can see the board below, or click this link to open the template in Miro.

How should I facilitate this Icebreaker?

The template is designed to be easy to use and can be used without much preparation. Here are the steps, that you should keep in mind while facilitating:

1. Explain the icebreaker:

  • Explain that this icebreaker is about creating your own character and being creative while doing so. Participants can try to make a "real" character, or they can also create a fictional one for themselves.

2. Show how it's done

  • Quickly show how to duplicate character elements and how to put them together. You can do this while creating your own character as an example! Showing how it's done makes it easier for participants to understand what they need to do.

3. Give participants some time to create their character

  • Now give participants some to create their character. From experience 6 Minutes is a good time frame. While the participants are on it, look out for people who have trouble with the duplication or overlapping layers.

Extending the icebreaker

You can use this template as a standalone icebreaker, or combine it with other activities.

In the past, we used this Icebreaker at the very beginning of the Facilitator Masterclass and combined it with a round of introductions.

Another way you can extend the use of this Icebreaker is to use the individual character avatars throughout later activities in the workshop. For example: When there is an activity that participants need to do alone, you can use the character avatar to help participants find their space to place post its on the board.

About the illustrations

Probably the best thing about these icebreakers are the amazing illustrations. They are hand-drawn by Pablo Stanley, founder of Blush Design. He created the Open Peeps project, from which we are using the illustrations for this icebreaker. We highly encourage you to check out Pablos project! He is doing amazing things.