Become a Master Facilitator and Team Leader

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This course specifically addresses the common concerns facilitators face, such as losing credibility and failing to engage their audience effectively. It is designed to equip facilitators with the tools needed to lead impactful group discussions. The course begins by teaching participants how to establish trust and credibility, covering essentials like self-introduction, credential sharing, and overcoming nervous habits to captivate the audience from the start.

Structured around 2 hours of on-demand video and supplemented with 11 downloadable resources, this course encourages active participation through practical exercises. The course provides a workbook with activities alongside the video lectures.

Progressing into the nuances of creating strong audience connections, the course covers effective body language, tone of voice, and engaging storytelling techniques. It also explores how to maintain audience engagement, ensure material comprehension, and use questioning techniques for deeper understanding.


The pricing currently is €79,99 but there are frequent discounts on Udemy that bring the price down to as low as €20. This information might also change depending on what country you are visiting the course page from.

Who is it for?

Since Jason is a public speaker, this course might be interesting for anyone who is interested in facilitation with some speaking tips mixed in.