Training & Facilitation Certificate

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The Training & Facilitation Certificate program is a train-the-trainer course. Participants will gain comprehensive insights into the training function, mastering the skills necessary to excel as a trainer and facilitator. The curriculum covers the full training cycle—from planning and preparation to managing the learning environment, engaging participants, and post-event follow-up to support learning.

Participants will explore the science behind effective learning, understanding why factors such as learner needs and preferences, training techniques, classroom environment, and well-structured materials critically affect learning outcomes.

Upon completion, participants will have the chance to showcase their facilitation techniques, receiving feedback and guidance.

The program is designed to transform attendees into learner-centric facilitators, equipped with the skills and knowledge to adapt to various training environments.


For members, the cost to enroll in the Training & Facilitation Certificate program is $1,995, while for non-members it is priced at $2,245. Options to train a group and request a quote are available.

Who is it for?

This program is ideal for training coordinators, managers, learning consultants, instructional designers, independent consultants, and professionals with teaching responsibilities will find this program beneficial for gaining a solid foundation in core training and facilitation concepts.