TAP: Facilitation Skills

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This course focuses on enhancing facilitation skills for those involved in events like focus groups, workshops, and team meetings. Participants learn to navigate through and influence the outcome of group interactions using subtle language patterns.

A hands-on experience, the training delves into numerous facilitation methods and processes suited to different group dynamics and outcomes. Strategies to handle challenging behaviors within a group are thoroughly explored, ensuring a productive group environment.

Participants are introduced to a problem-solving model and get the chance to engage in a problem-solving focus group, putting their newly acquired skills into practice.


The course is priced from £1,840 +VAT. This includes access to all course materials and participation in various facilitation exercises.

Financial options, such as payment plans, may be available to support enrollees in covering the course fee. Contact the provider for more information on available options.

Who is it for?

Ideal for individuals responsible for facilitating group gatherings such as meetings, workshops, or any event aimed at decision making, problem-solving, or idea generation.