Engaging & Collaborative Virtual Meetings

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With an hour of on-demand video, 7 articles, and 15 downloadable resources, this course equips learners with strategies to enhance engagement and outcomes in virtual settings. Structured in five concise sections, the course offers practical tips on improving psychological safety, collaboration, and interaction. It’s tailored for those familiar with basic video conferencing tools, focusing on universal facilitation techniques that are applicable across various digital platforms.

This course stands out by encouraging hands-on learning through the development of an agile agenda, aimed at maximizing collaboration while minimizing unnecessary participation. Its tools-agnostic approach ensures the skills taught are relevant, regardless of the conferencing or collaboration software used.

Templates for meeting preparations further simplify the application of these new skills, making the course particularly beneficial for facilitating dynamic and productive online meetings. By focusing on practical, immediate applications, it prepares participants to lead more engaging, effective sessions.


The pricing currently is €79,99 but there are frequent discounts on Udemy that bring the price down to as low as €20. This information might also change depending on what country you are visiting the course page from.

Who is it for?

This course is for facilitators, leaders or members of self-organizing teams that want to boost engagement, interaction and collaboration in remote meetings.