Facilitation Skills: The Core Skill of Great Team Leaders

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This course targets individuals keen on boosting their team leadership and facilitation capabilities. It focuses on key skills for fostering team engagement and commitment, such as effective behavior practices, critical listening, and adept use of decision-making styles. Additionally, it covers giving and receiving feedback constructively and leading virtual teams—an invaluable skill in today's digital work environment.

The course offers 4 hours of on-demand video and 15 downloadable resources, making learning flexible and accessible from anywhere.

Structured into 8 sections with 33 lectures, the course content is comprehensive, starting with an introduction to essential leadership skills and progressing through decision-making, communication, and virtual team management. Minimal prerequisites make this course accessible, focusing on application in varied team settings. This streamlined approach aims to efficiently equip learners with foundational and advanced team leadership skills.


The pricing currently is €79,99 but there are frequent discounts on Udemy that bring the price down to as low as €20. This information might also change depending on what country you are visiting the course page from.

Who is it for?

This course is for anyone who currently or in the future will lead teams and who wishes to improve their facilitation, communication, and decision-making skills.