Succeed in Facilitation

A course by
Grape People
Grape People


Succeed in Facilitation promises to provide a framework and methodology for facilitation with excellence. It is designed around the unique model developed by Grape People to master group decision-making through a mix of structured process and deep dialogue. The course is crafted to equip learners with the necessary tools, techniques, and strategies for ensuring successful workshop outcomes and effective group dynamics.

Participants receive access to 13 instructional videos that cover the entire facilitation process – from planning and conducting workshops to implementing organizational development through facilitation. The course's inclusive approach ensures that learners of all levels gain valuable insights into making concrete group decisions and driving collaboration.

Moreover, the 'Succeed in Facilitation' course illustrates the significant benefits of proficient facilitation, including improved meeting efficiency, enhanced group skills, and fostered organizational learning. Through this comprehensive training, individuals are prepared to navigate various group dynamics and lead effective workshops with confidence.


The course is priced at €188, inclusive of VAT at 24%. This fee grants lifetime access to 13 in-depth videos, comprehensive workshop design structures, detailed facilitation instructions, and relevant case study downloads.

Who is it for?

The course is intended for anyone looking to improve their facilitation skills, including project managers, team leaders, trainers, and organizational development consultants seeking to enhance group collaboration and decision-making capabilities.