Cone Roadmap

visualise the best, worst and projected roadmap for a project or strategy

Cone Roadmap

What is a Cone Roadmap?

A Cone Roadmap is a roadmap that takes uncertainty into account by mapping the roadmap on three tracks: Best case, projected case, worst case. At a glance, this allows anyone to see the range in which a milestone might be achieved. Which supports more realistic and agile planning.


How does a Cone Roadmap work?

Step 1: Map out the best case

Ask yourself "How would the roadmap look like, when everything goes well?". Given your answer, add the milestones to the top track that represents the best case for the roadmap. Where you place the milestones should be optimistic, but at the same time realistic and achievable.

Step 2: Map out the worst case

Ask yourself "How would the roadmap look like, when everything goes wrong?". Especially think about how long it might take to achieve a milestone. Now duplicate and place the same milestones on the bottom track to represent the worst case scenario.

Step 3: Map out the projected case

Given the best and worst case of the roadmap, you can now see a range for when each milestone might be achieved. As the last step, duplicate each milestone one last time and place it in the middle of the range. When you are done with all milestones, this creates an average between the two extremes and gives you the projected case.


What is a good example for a Cone Roadmap?

In the example below, you can see a Cone Roadmap for a fictional marketing team across 12 months. In the best case, the last milestone of the roadmap would already be achieved by mid October. In the worst case, the roadmap would stretch out until the end of December. (Hopefully no one needs to work on Christmas!)

In the middle, you can see the projected case, witch is the average between the two extremes of each milestones. By using colors for the sticky notes, it's easy to identify each milestone across the three tracks.


Who invented a Cone Roadmap?


Cone Roadmap Template Download

Cone Roadmap Miro Template

  1. Click the button below, to open the Cone Roadmap Miro Template
  2. In Miro click on the name of the board in the upper-left corner, to see the board info card
  3. Click on the Duplicate button in the info card to add the template into your own account.
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Screenshot explaining how to duplicate a Miro template

Cone Roadmap Mural Template

  1. Click the button below, to open the Cone Roadmap Mural Template
  2. In the new tab click on Create mural from template to create a new Mural board with the template in your account

Tip: You can also click "Save for later" to save the template into your account and use it in the future.

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Cone Roadmap PDF Template

To download the Cone Roadmap PDF Template, simply click the button below.

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Questions & Answers

How can I edit the Cone Roadmap template?
Duplicate either the Miro or Mural Cone Roadmap template. All you need for that is a free account on one of the platforms. From there you can fully edit and adapt the template content and colors to your own needs.
Can I share the Cone Roadmap template with others?
Yes, absolutly! Feel free to share this template with your team, colleagues or organisation. The best way to do this, is to send them a direct link to the template.
Is it possible to print the Cone Roadmap template?
Yes, you can print the Cone Roadmap template. To do so, simply download the PDF version of this template. The PDF version is in A4 format, vector-based and can be printed in high-quality on large size. The best paper size for printing is A1, because it's still portable but gives you enough space to work on.
Do I need a payed Miro or MURAL account to use the Cone Roadmap template?
No, a payed Miro or Mural account won't be necessary to use this template, because you can always use the free plan for both tools. Or if you exceed the limits of the free plan, you can always download this template as a PDF.
What is the license for this template?
This template is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0. In short that means, you are free to download, copy and share the template. But while doing so, you must give appropriate credit and provide a link to the Cone Roadmap template website.