How to expense the Facilitator Masterclass

Chances are high that our course could be covered by your company's Learning and Development (L&D) or educational budget. Follow the three steps below to request your reimbursement, get it approved and to get credit for it.

Step 1

How to get approval from your manager or HR department

Managers and HR departments are often more willing to approve a training budget than you might believe. Particularly, if a training program directly relates to your work and can genuinely improve your performance.

For convenience, you can use our pre-made reimbursement form to show your interest in the program to your manager or HR department. The worst they can say is no.

To enhance your chance of getting a reimbursement, make sure to articulate how the program can directly benefit your work, team, and the entire organization. Try to be specific and highlight projects where this training could address particular issues and boost results. Framing the conversation this way makes it easier for a manager or HR department to see the value of the course and greenlight it for you.

Hi {Manager},

I've come across a course by the Facilitator School that I believe would be highly beneficial for my role and our team. It's a 6-week cohort-based course that provides comprehensive training on how to run productive meetings and workshops.

Here are a few highlights:

- The course happens online and is designed to run parallel to a normal work week, so I don't need to travel or take time off work
- It covers a range of techniques such as increasing engagement, improving decision-making and building your own workshops
- The course appears to be very hands-on with weekly live sessions, useful templates and resources that I can access even after the course

I believe that the skills and techniques taught in this course will enable me to lead more effective and productive meetings and workshops. This will not only benefit me but also our entire team as I can share the knowledge and best practices I've learned.

You can find more details about the course at this link:

What are your thoughts on this?


{Your Name}

P.S. There is also a team plan, which offers some additional benefits. This might be interesting for us, if we find more team members that could benefit from this training.

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Step 2

How to sign up for the course and get it expensed

Once your course has been approved, there are two methods to officially sign up:

1. Company Enrollment: Someone at your company (usually your manager or an HR staff member) can register you for the course and directly handle the payment.
2. Self Enrollment: You register for the course yourself, pay using your personal funds, and then apply for a reimbursement.

For both options you pay by card or through invoice. Whatever you or your company prefers. If you need any assistance, reach out to [email protected]

Step 3

How to get credit for your new skills

Completing the Facilitator Masterclass is a great achievement and can be a stepping stone for your career. After the course, we'll send you a beautiful course certificate. This certificate confirms that you've successfully finished the course and it includes your name, the details of the course, and our official logo.

You can share this certificate with your HR department or team leader to let them know about your achievement and to explore how best put your newfound skills to use.

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