What is Draw Toast?

Draw Toast

Draw Toast is a group acitvity where participants draw a diagram of how to make toast, revealing the diversity of thought processes.

"Draw Toast" is a visual thinking tool designed for workshop settings. The primary idea behind Draw Toast is to help participants visualize complex systems or processes in a simple and accessible way. This technique is beneficial for fostering teamwork and creative collaboration, as it encourages participants to break down broader tasks into manageable components using visual representation.

The exercise can be particularly effective in identifying and troubleshooting inefficiencies within a system. Participants sketch out the system, like making toast, using basic icons and connections. This activity not only makes the problem-solving session more engaging, but enhances understanding across different stakeholders by aligning their perspectives towards a common understanding. The visual approach makes abstract or complex processes palpable, allowing a diverse group to see where improvements might be necessary.

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How does draw toast work?


The process of using Draw Toast involves participants drawing their interpretation of how to make toast. These diagrams often start with a slice of bread and, step-by-step, show its way to becoming toast, including all the tools and processes involved. This exercise not only helps participants express and align their understanding but also exposes any unconscious assumptions they might hold about the process. It is especially useful in workshops as a method to visualize their thoughts and communicate effectively with others.

Why should you use draw toast?


Using Draw Toast in your workshops or meetings is beneficial for several reasons.

  1. Firstly, it's a fantastic engagement tool, transforming participants from passive to active contributors.
  2. Secondly, it enhances creative thinking and problem-solving skills, as it challenges participants to visualize and sequence a process they usually consider routine.
  3. Finally, this method facilitates better communication and alignment among team members or workshop participants, as everyone gets a clear visual picture of the process discussed, making it easier to identify points of misunderstanding or inefficiency.

When should you use draw toast?


Draw Toast is particularly effective at the start of problem-solving sessions or workshops focused on process improvement. It is ideal for situations where a clear, common understanding of a process needs to be established among participants from different backgrounds or departments. Additionally, it can be used effectively in team-building activities or during training sessions to improve or refresh process knowledge in a creative, engaging way.

How do you run a draw toast workshop?


Running a Draw Toast workshop is straightforward:

  1. Begin by dividing participants into small groups and distribute plain paper and pens.
  2. Challenge them to draw how to make toast, step-by-step, without missing any details.
  3. After the drawing session, allow each group to present their diagrams. This presentation phase is crucial as it opens the floor for discussion about different perspectives and approaches to the same process.
  4. Facilitate this discussion to deepen the understanding and examine inefficiencies or alternative methods proposed by participants.