Designing & Facilitating Learning Spaces Part 1 & 2 Combo

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The Kaospilot Designing & Facilitating Learning Spaces Part 1 & 2 Combo has the goal to equip educators, trainers, and facilitators with the skills and knowledge to create dynamic and engaging learning environments. The course spans across 7 days, divided into two parts, each focusing on different aspects of learning and facilitation.

The first part serves as an introductory masterclass, where participants are trained in experiential learning, teaching, and the art of facilitation. It emphasizes creating safe and engaging learning spaces, where creativity and innovation are nurtured. The second part, building on the first, dives deeper into the Learning Arch design process, intending to turn participants into Master Archers, adept at crafting and executing immersive learning experiences.

Throughout the course, attendees will have the opportunity to apply tools and theory through practical exercises. This hands-on approach ensures a deep understanding and ability to translate learned concepts into practice. By the end of the combo, participants will be proficient in designing and leading transformative learning journeys, both offline and online, that inspire and engage students.


The pricing for the Designing & Facilitating Learning Spaces Part 1 & 2 Combo varies based on the sector. For educators, teachers, NGOs, and the public sector, the fee is €1735,00, including VAT, allowing a saving of €265. For trainers, consultants, and the private sector, the course is priced at €3.150,00, VAT included, with a saving of €475. The combo deal is exclusively available for those taking both Part 1 & 2 of the courses.

Discounts are available for educators and teachers, whom are encouraged to contact the organizers for a discount code. Additionally, EU teachers might be eligible to apply for Erasmus+ grants.

Who is it for?

This program targets educators, program directors, trainers, and edu-preneurs seeking to deepen their skill set in designing and delivering innovative, engaging education. Ideal for those wishing to apply experiential learning techniques and facilitate transformative educational experiences.